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Phone: +33 233 279 865

Finding the hotel between Argentan and Alençon près de Neauphe-sur-Dive


Hotel Restaurant L'île de Sée

61500 Macé

Tel : +00 33 (0)2 33 27 98 65
E.mail : ile-sees@ile-sees.fr


During your stay at the hotel you can explore Argentan and Alençon, visit the popular tourist sites in the Orne and enjoy a range of activities with your family or friends !


The hotel is ideally situated between Argentan (20 km) and Alençon (25 km).  At the motorway junction A 88 and A28, a north-south main road in the heart of Normandy. 


A88 : on the main road between Caen-Le Mans, between Great Britain, Ireland and Spain  !


The A88 links the ports of Cherbourg, Caen-Ouistreham and inner Normandy on the Calais-Bordeaux road and national and international motorways.

The A88 links directly several towns in the Orne and Calvados  Falaise, Argentan and Sées making them easily accessible to Caen.




Thanks to the A28 link near Sées, you can join the A88 directly to Alençon and beyond to Le Mans.

Thanks to the A28 you can cross France from the West avoiding Paris and travel from Calais / Bayonne via the motorway.




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Hôtel Restaurant L'île de Sée
Vandel / 61500 Macé
Phone: +33 233 279 865
E.mail : ile-sees@ile-sees.fr