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Restaurant menus près de Boitron


Discover the restaurant menus.  The chef offers seasonally influenced menus prepared with fresh produce.

Hôtel Restaurant L'île de SéesHôtel Restaurant L'île de Sées


  • Goat cheese with vegetables
  • Egg casserole of the chef with camembert
  • Plate of salmon smoked by us
  • Home-made foie gras (+ 4€)
  • Tomato and Apple tartar with Neufchatel cheese


Main Course

  • Steam cod, with lemon and olive oil
  • Pork tenderloin, red pesto and tagliatelle
  • Fillet steak with Camembert cheese sauce
  • Guinea fowl medallion, black pudding stuffing and Vire andouille cream
  • Salmon steak with garlic cream and vegetable



  • Selection of local cheeses served with a crispy salad
  • Farmhouse Yogourt




  • Apple crunch with calvados sauce
  • Banana tart with spice bread and rhubarb ice cream
  • Vacherin with chocolate and vanilla emulsion
  • Chocolate floating island and banana ice cream
  • Ice cream





Set menu «  Logis international »  29 € :

Starter + main dish + dessert (or cheese)

Set menu « Etape » 23 €

Starter + main dish or

main dish + dessert (or cheese)


Hôtel Restaurant L'île de Sée
Vandel / 61500 Macé
Phone: +33 233 279 865
E.mail : ile-sees@ile-sees.fr